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why_logo2CNC machining and Trading Engineering machining solution.


We offer precision engineering including BSS’s CNC machining and Trading Engineering machining solution.

Our dedication to the highest quality in our work, delivered on time and on budget, is backed up by a modern and well equipped workshop. Each member of our team is talented, highly qualified and has worked with us for a very long time.

That translates to consistency of quality in everything we do and building long term relationships with our happy clients. Is firmly machine parts and equipment specialist, able to creatively meet unique engineering needs. With our extensive network, the company provides full range with machining service, custom-made machine parts to meet the stringent and requirements of our customers.


Manufacturing : 

We specialise in the production of machined items for a wide variety of industries, including

Mechanical spare-parts.
Industrial Hardware machinery parts.
Press tools for metal, and machine element components.

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Adaptable and flexible services

We find each of our customers have individual needs and we work hard to tailor our services to meet those needs.

Development skills
For some, we collaborate on design development. And offer significant experience to help develop working prototypes or samples, sometimes our starting point is a sketch on a piece of paper that looks suspiciously like a serviette.



One off or thousands
Many clients need to replace a worn out old part, be it a small but vital component for their vehicle or an individual part of an assembly for a mining lift.

We are particularly proud of our skills around reverse engineering and often we are able to improve on an original component we receive.

Factory Bss

We’re flexible with quantities too. Our CNC Machining facilities are up to date and very efficient at production runs numbering in the thousands.

Fast response where needed
We probably should also mention the clients for whom time can mean a lot of money and require a very urgent response. Our personalised approach means we will focus our considerable resources to meet your individual needs.




WHY Component Trading