Indoor Flying Insect Trap

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— 30 Days – Free For Test Unit ( In Malaysia – Negeri Sembilan & Kuala Lumpur Areas Only )  —


The Indoor restaurant kitchen flying insect trap utilizes 3 unique attractants to lure and small insects, moths, house flies, and more. It uses and a high-powered stable UV light, heat, to draw in any unwanted flying insects, trapping and gel them.



Our insect killer and flies trap are available in different shapes and sizes, suitable for wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control that ranges from essential hygiene food processors, dedicate raw materials development to cafes and retail display areas.



Our luminous UV-A light technology of Japan in the fly control unit are extremely effective to attract flying insects and have the highest rating in solving the problem of flying insects.

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These sticky insect trap unit are silent and clean, it can operate discreetly as normal lighthing decoration. It attact flying insect to its UV optimise glue board, that can be replace easily.


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