JS CLAMP Machine Leveling Feet

JS Clamp Products machine leveling feet, also known as leveling mounts or pads, provide stability and vibration reduction on all types of equipment and machinery. Fully adjustable, our leveling feet will not only balance and level your equipment to ensure they operate at peak efficiency they will also extend the life of your machinery.

Machine levelers are especially beneficial to machines that experience material fatigue due to quick starts and stops, as well as those subject to high shear loads.

Get the highest quality threads and bases in all our leveling lines. The leveling pads we sell are customizable for any size as well as special weight requirements your application might require.


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Stainless Steel

As pockets and recesses are not present in stainless steel leveling feet they deliver the most hygienic solution; in fact, they are required in the food, drug and medical industries. These special levelers combine the stabilization, vibration isolation and strength of steel leveling feet with the corrosion resistant and sanitary properties of stainless steel. Each leveling pad can support up to 20,000 pounds.

Also, included in this line are Teknoclean leveling feet, which feature sealed nut and joint construction. many type stainless steel with greater corrosion resistance is available by request.

Applications: Conveyers, Chemical, Oenological and Pharmaceutical Processing Machines, Industrial Machinery, and Appliances.



Steel leveling feet are built for harsh environments and are very strong, supporting up to 20,000 pounds per level. These leveling pads are typically used in applications where vibration isolation and chemical resistance are of the utmost concern. Their superior build quality provides additional protection for the equipment they are installed on in addition to prolonging the equipment’s service life.

Applications: Roll Mills, Generators, Paper Cutters and Presses, Stamping Presses, CNC and Cable Machinery.



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